Certifications available

Safety and quality are two factors that distinguish our way of working and are testified also by the certifications of company, products and raw materials of Almec Group.

Find out what certifications you might need.

Certificazione ISO 9001

Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international regulation that certificates the quality of a company. It defines the minimum requirements that a company’s Quality Management System has to meet in order to guarantee the quality level of product and service that the company declares to possess.

Certificazione 1IM

Classe 1IM Certification

The Classe 1 IM is a certification concerning the fire reaction of upholstered furniture. In particular, it analyzes the behaviour of a given material that by its decomposition contributes to the fire affecting it under particular conditions.

1IM is the best class.

Raw material certifications

We are able to satisfy all your requests: tell us which certifications you need and we will find you the most suitable raw materials.


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